Los Angeles Real Estate Image Editing Services

Deluxe Image Editing

Deluxe Image Editing is included with all of our residential and commercial photo packages. Additional editing requests not included in our Deluxe Image Editing will incur a small fee.

     • Horizontal and vertical lines straightened
     • Image sharpness and clarity maximized
     • White balance and color adjusted as/if needed
     • Brightness and tone checked
     • Contrast and saturation adjusted
     • Reduction/removal of flash reflections
     • Reduction/removal of lens distortion
     • Reduction/removal of chromatic aberration
     • Removal of dust and sensor spots
     • Removal of the real estate agent’s yard sign
     • Removal of pool cleaners and debris from swimming pool
     • Removal of loose electrical cords and cables
     • Removal of camera and photographer’s reflection from mirrors
     • Insertion of fire into fireplaces
     • Insertion of images into TV screens
     • Enhancement or replacement of outdoor sky
     • Enhancement or replacement of grass/lawn
     • Enhancement of the interior window views

Object Removal Service

Our object removal service is an optional add-on to any of our photo packages. Clients will incur a fee per image for the service.

Example of Items that can be Removed:

     • Trash, construction debris, and garbage bins from the home’s exterior
     • Stand alone basketball hoops, children’s swing sets, hot tubs, etc.
     • Parked cars, trucks or construction vehicles that are in front of the home
     • Small items such as books, toys, chairs, computers, dishes, glasses, counter-top appliances, etc.
     • Large items such as beds, sofas, dining tables, desks, area rugs, entertainment centers, etc.