Web Design

 Many people see their brand as little more than their name, logo, tagline, and a few photos. But a strong brand optimally positioned to take on its competition is much more than this.

There are many factors that affect the usability of a website. It’s not just about how good the website looks, but also how easy it is to use and whether it motivates your visitors to take action.

The Right Design

Website design trends are constantly evolving, and as new technologies emerge and user behaviors change, web designers are challenged to find new and better ways of delivering the best possible user experience.

A great design will enhance your message and drive visitors to your call to action. An experienced designer knows how to use typography, color theory, and imagery to optimize your website’s impact.

The Right Process

Your website is no longer just a URL where you park the online presence of your business, it’s often the first and most powerful presentation of your business – who you are as a company, what you have to offer, and why your products and services are better.

A comprehensive design process that encompasses all facets of design, appearance, content, and functionality is as important as choosing the right website design.

The Right Design

A great design enhances your message and drives visitors to your call to action.

  • Competitor Analysis – Your website is a marketing tool, and it needs to make you stand apart from your competition when a potential customer is shopping around.
  • Content Strategy – Your copy needs to be clear, concise, and convincing. Instead of trying to force your content into a predefined template, we will design a layout that is easy for your visitors to understand and respond to.
  • Strategic Design – Great design guides the eye and compels the visitor to take action. An experienced designer knows how to use strong typography, color theory, and imagery to optimize your website’s impact.
  • Ongoing Support – We will build your website with an eye towards future expansion and provide you with the skills and tools you need to maintain your website.

The Right Process

A comprehensive design process is just as important as choosing the right design.

  • Web Design Options – Taking into account your preferences as well as the behaviors and expectations of the target audience, we’ll develop a custom design for your website.
  • Content Creation – Special attention will be paid to developing interesting and succinct headlines, text, and images.
  • Website Development – Your website will be developed in a staging area so that the functionality, design, appearance, and content can be tested with members of the target audience.
  • SEO Optimization – A keyword schema will be developed and tweaked to maximize the website’s search engine performance.
  • Live on the Domain – Once the website has been fully developed and tested, it will be time to formally move the website from the staging area to the live domain.
  • Quality Assurance – Your website will be continually reviewed and monitored to ensure that the functionality, speed, and responsiveness of your website are performing at optimal standards across Google traffic statistics.

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